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About Nelson Airport (NSN)

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Address: Domestic Terminal, Nelson, 7011, Xx

Located right in the northern part of South Island, the city of Nelson is served by Nelson Airport. The fifth busiest airport in New Zealand, it welcomes around one million people to the region each year.

Situated less than 10 kilometres from the city centre, it’s the perfect gateway to South Island, especially if you intend to use car hire as your preferred transport. And the large range of Nelson Airport car rental companies means that you can secure your vehicle before your holiday starts. Nothing could be easier.

  Getting around

Thanks to its small size, many tourists opt to explore New Zealand by vehicle secured through car rental. And if you start off in Nelson, the whole of the South Island awaits. For example, should you wish to travel to Christchurch you could get into your rental car on landing and travel there in around four hours.

But there are lots of places to see in Nelson and its surrounds as well. Consider a visit to the Abel Tasman National Park where you can kayak, sail or hike. Or perhaps take time out to see the magnificent Te Anaroa Caves in Rockville. Plan your trip thoroughly beforehand and you can rent a car to take in the South Island and all of its majestic sights at your own pace.

  Choosing your car

While you could hire a car in the city itself, using airport car rental makes much more sense. That’s thanks to the amount of Nelson Aiport car rentals that are available to you to book online while you plan your trip.

Not only does that give the knowledge that on landing, you will soon be underway but booking early can help secure the best prices. And a range of vehicles from manufacturers such as Ford, Toyota and Hyundai are available. So if it's a fuel-efficient compact car, a people carrier, van with 8-12 seats or an SUV that you need, it can be organised through one of the many rental agencies at the airport including Avis, Opex and Omega, amongst others.


  Tips and advice for renting a car at Nelson Airport


While driving in New Zealand take notice of changing weather conditions. You can encounter many different driving conditions in the space of a few hours.


If you have rented a motorhome, you may only stopover at night in designated motorhome sites.


Your overseas licence is all you need to be able to drive in New Zealand. If in another language other than English, you will need to carry a translation as well.


As roads in New Zealand often cover hilly areas and can be fairly twisty, make sure you understand how long a journey will take. Using a GPS can help immensely with travel times.


Remember, clockwise around a roundabout, yielding to traffic from the right already in that roundabout. Also, in New Zealand, you will drive on the left-hand side of the road.


There are many one-way bridges that you will encounter when driving. A vehicle already on the bridge has the right of way.

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Frequently asked questions about renting a car at Nelson - Airport

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7. What happens to my car rental if my flight is cancelled or delayed into Nelson - Airport?

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8. What happens if I need to extend my car rental drop off time at Nelson - Airport?

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9. Are minivans and people movers available for rent at Nelson - Airport?

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10. Should I buy car rental insurance at the pick up desk at Nelson - Airport?

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15. Which rental companies are there at Nelson - Airport?

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16. How much waiting time should I allow for picking up a car at Nelson - Airport?

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17. Which forms of payment are generally acceptable for car rental at Nelson - Airport?

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18. What is the cheapest car for next weekend at Nelson - Airport?

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19. What is the highest rated rental company for overall service at Nelson - Airport and how does this compare to others?

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20. Are there eco friendly rated cars for rent at Nelson - Airport?