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Fiji Iguana
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About Fiji (FJ)

Fiji, an island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean, consists of more than 330 tropical islands. Viti Levu is the largest island and both Suva, the official capital, along with Nadi, the ‘tourist’ capital, are located here. English is the official language with Fijian and Hindustani also widely spoken.

Fiji’s is known for its lush jungle, volcanic mountains, white sandy beaches, secluded waterfalls and abundant wildlife making it an eco-tourist's dream. Vanua Levu, the 2nd biggest island is more rural, with several great resorts along the beautiful beaches. It is always warm, with rain and tropical storms in summer.

Although not a cheap destination, Fiji boasts some of the best diving, choice of water sports, adventure activities and many cultural festivals.

  Getting around

To rent a car in Fiji is by far the best way to explore the two main islands. Most of the roads in Fiji are in a reasonable condition. The main island of Viti Levu has only one highway which runs from north to south - to the north it is called Kings Road, and to the south Queens Road. However, no road is safe to drive fast. Speed limits on open roads are between 60-80kms for a good reason. Fijian residents receive little driving education, so there is no logic to the way they drive.

The capital Suva can be very busy, with traffic jams a regular occurrence. Parking is generally regulated here, but on other parts of the island you simply have to find a spot that doesn’t cause an obstruction.

  Choosing your car

The Fiji car rental companies include the major international brands such as Hertz, Alamo, Avis and Budget. On our Fiji car hire booking site , you can choose from a selection of vehicles such as economy, SUV, 7-12 seaters and minivans. You can also add extra benefits to your Fijian car rental, such as a GPS or child seat.

It is advisable to take full insurance on your rental car, especially for driving in rural areas. However, to ensure cheap car rental in Fiji with the best rates, we recommend that you book online in advance.

  Tips and advice for renting a car in Fiji


You are unlikely to be able to pay for fuel by credit card, especially outside the city, but you will find many fuel stations with an ATM handy. 


Take specially care when driving near villages. Be on the lookout for villagers sitting in groups on the edges of highways or wandering dangerously close to moving vehicles.



Avoid driving at night. There will be animals and pedestrians on the road, and some crazy driving from the locals.


During the rainy season the potholes get bigger, roads flood quickly due to poor drainage systems and oil from old trucks will make the roads very slippery.


Be careful what you bring into the country. Fiji prohibits the importation of vegetable matter, seeds, or any animal product without a permit. It will attract a hefty fine.


Tipping is not encouraged, but you may offer extra payment for outstanding service.

Are you driving a rental car in Fiji?

Urban Speed Limit


50 kph  | 31.1 mph
Rural Speed Limit


80 kph  | 49.7 mph
Motorway Speed Limit


Fuel Price




Road Driving


Driving Age


17 years of age
21 years of age to RENT
Emergency Services


Documentation requirements



Fiji Driving Ideas Guide

Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, there are 332 islands in the Fiji archipelago although only 110 are inhabited.

Tourism is a major aspect of the Fijian economy with most of the tourist areas found in and around the capital Suva as well as the town of Nadi. The islands themselves are extremely diverse consisting of rainforests, hilly country, many superb beaches, tropical waters filled with coral reefs and various plantations, including coconuts. Fiji is also home to a number of historical and cultural attractions and has a very rich cultural heritage.

Exploring the islands by rental car is a great way to discover Fiji, but road conditions are not always of the highest standard. Travel by night is also not advised.

Kings Road — Suva to Lautoka — Kings Road

3 hours 30 mins (221km) (137 miles)

Although the journey from Suva to Lautoka is served by two roads, Kings Road, although slower, is often the more popular for tourists.

Starting in the capital Suva, this scenic route follows along the Wainibuka River, which offers some beautiful views. Many Fijian villages can be found along the road and numerous viewpoints make for perfect photographic opportunities, especially of the lush green countryside.

Other attractions along Kings Road include Navatu Rock, Udreudre’s Tomb and the Naiserelagi Catholic Mission.

The Hibiscus Highway — SuvaSuva to Loa

2 hour 30 mins (69 km) (42 miles)

Located on the island of Vanua Levu, the Hibiscus Highway runs from SuvaSuva all along the eastern coast of the island, and through the Natewa Peninsula and ends in Loa.

This stretch of road passes through rainforests, some hilly terrain and has incredible coastal views. Many sections of the road are unpaved, so it is important to drive with caution, especially if it is raining. Attractions in the area  include beaches, dive spots, adventure tours, the Nakawaga Waterfall and boat cruises.

Accommodation options along the Hibiscus Highway are mainly found in the resort areas such as Koro Sun. These include hotels and the resort accommodation itself.

Suva to Nadi — Queens Highway

3 hour 15 mins (200 km) (120 miles)

The trip from Fiji’s capital of Suva to the tourist town of Nadi on the other side of the island is well worth the effort. Not only can you follow the scenic Queen’s highway, but there are attractions along the route well worth stopping for!

These include Pacific Harbour, a great place to find local curios, Bavari Beach, with its spectacular views and Natadolda Beach, consider the best beach in Fiji.

Although this is a fairly lengthy drive, make sure you take your camera along, take your time and drink in the scenic beauty along the way!

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Your Cheaperthancars Team

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